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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Operation Mermaid: The Project Kraken Incident reviews on Goodreads

Operation Mermaid: The Project Kraken Incident review on Goodreads

Operation Mermaid: The Project Kraken IncidentOperation Mermaid: The Project Kraken Incident by Joseph McGarry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hi everyone. This is my book. I normally don't like this, but I thought this might help promote the book. I won't say too much about the book here. I don't want to reveal any spoilers.

I am looking for reviewers to get legit reviews. Email me at if you're interested. It's in PDF format only. When you get done, please post the review at My only rules are to acknowledge that you received a free copy in exchange for the review, and not to share your copy with anyone else. The book won't be on Amazon or B&N until mid to late February.

FYI, I rated the book 5 stars so I could recommend it to others on Goodreads. They require 4 or 5 stars to recommend it to others. I will let others decide how good it is. I could say it's the greatest novel since War and Peace, but most people would discount that. I know I would. Read it and decide for yourself.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Operation Mermaid by Joseph McGarry

Operation Mermaid

by Joseph McGarry

Giveaway ends February 15, 2016.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Giveaway is live January 6, 2016 - February 15, 2016.

Operation Mermaid: The Project Kraken Incident is live!

Operation Mermaid: The Project Kraken Incident is now live on for pre-order.  This is the new cover. I have to check the final proof, but that shouldn't take long. I have two editions, paperback and hardcover. Purchase links are below. It should be on Amazon and B&N at the end of February.




It is May 2026 when a strange anomaly transforms thousands of women around the world into mermaids. As Homeland Security agents begin investigating, they record their observations in a classified United States government report. There is no question that Operation Mermaid, originally founded in 1949, is back in full swing. Days later as several mermaids practice swimming in the open water, one finds a relic inside a shipwreck. Inside are plans for an abandoned Cold War era weapon known as Project Kraken. As a scientist’s true identity is revealed, a Second Transformation rocks the world, increasing the size and scope of the mermaid population once again. As relationships change between mermaids, sirens, and the government, only time will tell if a worldwide disaster has been averted. In this intriguing science fiction tale, the lives of newly-initiated mermaids are intertwined with a failed Cold War project, leaving government agents to solve a complex puzzle.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Operation Mermaid: The Project Kraken Incident

Sorry I've been gone for a while. I've been working on my book, Operation Mermaid: The Project Kraken Incident. I have some great news.

I got the proof the other day. So excited! I sent the revisions back. They were mostly typos. I changed a few words here and there, but nothing major. When you get the proof, major revisions are out.

They also did the cover. I had made a preliminary cover, but I knew I would have to change it. My cover was cut and paste from Google. I thought they did a good job. Minor text revisions, just typos, but otherwise good.

I have ISBN numbers and barcodes now. I have to look at a second round of proofs before it is ready to go. I've talked to my local bookstore about a signing, but they told me to wait until I had the book published.

My question is this: Do I release it right away, or do I wait until January? It might be ready before Christmas, but I think a lot of things get lost in the shuffle. Any thoughts on this, especially from those who have already published?

Here is the link to my Facebook page about my book.

In case you're wondering, they sent me the picture as a low-res PDF, so I will have to post that as a separate document.